Yarn and crafting; a passion becomes a business

In 2015, a monumental change happened to me which came out of the blue and really knocked my confidence. I was made redundant, not such an unusual thing these days, but a first for me as I had always been the one to choose when I moved on from a job role. I was forced to leave without any qualifications, despite the high level of responsibility in the job I was doing, I had to have a re-think. I set out to see what I'd achieved in my life so far and what was still missing. My achievement list included great things, for example, I have a beautiful and smart daughter, now grown up, I own my own home, I've given service to the local community over the years, I've rescued unwanted cats and dogs, AND I've made it to 50 without any major mishaps.

As for my missing stuff, there was a bucket list of things I could (and hope to) still get round to but the main thing I kept thinking was that I didn't want to work for anyone else ever again. But how could I go about doing this? Should I sign up for some sort of course? Should I look for another job with a short contract to tide me over, OR should I stride out on my own with my favourite things around me? These favourite things are yarn and fabric, which I appear to be magnetically drawn to – I’m sure you crafters out there you know exactly what I mean!! I thought I couldn't do it; it was way beyond me, this thing, yet somehow I was being pulled. The thought kept me awake, I kept looking at other small business thinking "I could do that."  I thought about how far I already have to travel to find the craft items I am looking for.  So you see, I really had to do it myself.

January 16th, 2016 was the day my new life started.  It’s been busy so far, but I my word what fun have I had looking for my stock. All the companies I am working with have been fantastic, not only on the sales front but also the admin and accounts, helping to get me all set up. The sale reps have been brilliant, sharing their knowledge and helping fill any gaps, there has been no hard sell and they have listened to what I wanted to do and have all advised me well.  The proof of this is in the range of colours and textures in the shop.  I've also had enormous help from my daughter (the business is named after her) who is always there for me, and I have to mention all my great friends from my previous job, from my ballroom dance class, and Tadley Treacle Quilters who have been absolutely wonderful and I am forever picking their collective brains for help (I am a quilting novice but love it).

So here we go my new chapter begins. From me and the gang (that's Yoyo, Monty, Guinness, Bugsy and Blousy the non-workforce but they purr a lot!) I look forward to a successful year and to welcoming you to my online store.